Arborist Resume – Examples, Samples & Tips

Arborist Resume: Are you passionate about trees and the environment? Do you have experience in tree care and maintenance? If so, you may be interested in pursuing a career as an arborist. As an arborist, you will be responsible for the care and maintenance of trees, including pruning, trimming, and diagnosing tree diseases. In this blog post, we will discuss the key components of a successful arborist resume and provide tips on how to stand out to potential employers in the field.

Arborist Resume - Examples, Samples & Tips
Arborist Resume

Arborist Resume – Summary

ObjectiveDedicated and skilled Arborist with extensive experience in tree care and maintenance. Seeking a challenging position where I can utilize my expertise in pruning, trimming, and diagnosing tree diseases to enhance the health and beauty of landscapes. Committed to promoting environmental sustainability through proper tree care practices.
DescriptionExperienced arborist with a strong background in tree care and maintenance. Skilled in pruning, trimming, and removing trees to ensure the health and safety of the surrounding environment. Certified in tree climbing and aerial rescue techniques.
Required Skills1. Certified Arborist: Possessing certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) demonstrates expertise in tree care and maintenance.
2. Tree Climbing: Proficient in climbing trees using proper safety techniques and equipment to perform pruning and maintenance tasks.
3. Tree Identification: Knowledgeable in identifying different tree species and understanding their specific care requirements.
4. Chainsaw Operation: Skilled in safely operating and maintaining chainsaws for tree removal and cutting tasks.
5. Tree Health Assessment: Able to assess the health of trees, diagnose diseases, and recommend appropriate treatment plans.
Mistakes to Avoid1. Spelling and grammar errors
2. Lack of relevant experience or qualifications
3. Not tailoring the resume to the specific job
4. Including irrelevant information
5. Using a generic template
Important Points to Add1. Certified Arborist with ISA certification
2. Proficient in tree pruning, removal, and maintenance
3. Experienced in tree risk assessment and diagnosis
4. Skilled in using industry-standard equipment and tools
5. Strong knowledge of tree species and their care requirements

Arborist Resume Sample

Kyle Rayner
(210) 555-8901
[email protected]
3535 Cedar Drive, Meadowbrook, IL 56789


Experienced arborist with over 10 years of experience in tree care and maintenance. Skilled in tree pruning, removal, and planting. Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and proficient in using various tools and equipment. Strong knowledge of tree species and diseases. Demonstrated ability to assess tree health and provide recommendations for care.


– Performed tree pruning, removal, and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Boston area
– Utilized climbing and rigging techniques to safely and efficiently remove hazardous trees
– Operated chainsaws, chippers, and other equipment to complete tree care tasks
– Collaborated with team members to ensure job sites were clean and organized
– Communicated with clients to address their tree care needs and provide recommendations for future maintenance
– Completed continuing education courses to stay current on industry best practices and safety standards
– Arborist, Green Thumb Tree Care, Boston, MA, 2018-2021


Bachelor of Science in Forestry, University of California, Berkeley, CA
September 2012 – May 2016

Relevant coursework:
– Tree Biology and Care
– Forest Ecology
– Urban Forestry
– Plant Pathology

Associate Degree in Arboriculture, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA
September 2010 – May 2012

Relevant coursework:
– Tree Climbing and Pruning Techniques
– Tree Risk Assessment
– Tree Identification
– Arboriculture Equipment and Safety


– Certified Arborist (ISA) since 2015
– Proficient in tree pruning, removal, and maintenance techniques
– Experienced in using climbing equipment and aerial lifts
– Skilled in identifying tree diseases and pests
– Knowledgeable in tree risk assessment and mitigation strategies
– Strong understanding of tree biology and growth patterns
– Excellent communication and customer service skills
– Ability to work independently and as part of a team
– Familiar with industry safety standards and regulations
– Proficient in operating chainsaws, wood chippers, and other arborist tools


– Certified Arborist, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), 2018
– Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, ISA, 2019
– Certified Tree Worker, Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), 2017
– Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, TCIA, 2016

Awards & Achievements

– Winner of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Climbing Championship in 2018
– Certified Arborist (ISA) since 2016
– Received the Arboriculture Scholarship from the Tree Care Industry Association in 2015
– Completed the Advanced Climbing Techniques course at the ArborMaster Training Center in 2014
– Recognized as Employee of the Month at ABC Tree Services in 2013
– Completed the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) course in 2012


Amanda Martinez – Analyst – GHI Corp – (555) 444-3333 – [email protected]

Arborist Resume Objective – Examples

1. Seeking a position as an arborist with a reputable company where I can utilize my expertise in tree care and maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of trees.
2. To secure a challenging arborist position that allows me to apply my knowledge of tree biology and pruning techniques to enhance the beauty and safety of landscapes.
3. Looking for an opportunity to work as an arborist in a dynamic environment where I can contribute my skills in tree risk assessment and hazard mitigation to protect properties and people.
4. To obtain a position as an arborist with a forward-thinking organization that values sustainability and environmental stewardship, allowing me to implement eco-friendly tree care practices.
5. Seeking a rewarding arborist role that enables me to collaborate with clients and colleagues to develop comprehensive tree management plans and promote the health and vitality of urban forests.

Arborist Resume Description Examples

1. Experienced arborist with over 5 years of experience in tree care and maintenance. Skilled in pruning, trimming, and removing trees to ensure the health and safety of the surrounding environment.

2. Certified arborist with a strong background in tree risk assessment and tree preservation. Proficient in diagnosing tree diseases and recommending appropriate treatment plans.

3. Knowledgeable arborist with expertise in tree planting and transplanting. Able to assess soil conditions and select appropriate tree species for optimal growth and development.

4. Skilled climber and tree care specialist with a passion for preserving the natural beauty of trees. Proficient in using various tools and equipment to safely and efficiently perform tree maintenance tasks.

5. Detail-oriented arborist with a proven track record of successfully managing tree care projects from start to finish. Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively with clients to meet their tree care needs.

Action Verbs to Use in Arborist Resume

1. Prune: Trim and shape trees to promote healthy growth and improve aesthetics.

2. Plant: Install new trees and shrubs in designated areas to enhance landscapes.

3. Remove: Cut down and dispose of dead or hazardous trees to ensure safety.

4. Inspect: Evaluate tree health and identify diseases or pest infestations for treatment.

5. Climb: Scale trees using specialized equipment to access branches for maintenance.

6. Trim: Cut back overgrown branches to maintain tree structure and prevent damage.

7. Assess: Analyze tree conditions and recommend appropriate care and maintenance strategies.

8. Consult: Provide expert advice to clients on tree care practices and landscaping solutions.

9. Operate: Utilize machinery and tools such as chainsaws and wood chippers for tree work.

10. Maintain: Regularly monitor and care for trees to preserve their health and longevity.

FAQs – Arborist Resume

1. What should I include in my arborist resume?

In your arborist resume, you should include your relevant work experience, education, certifications, and skills. Be sure to highlight any specific tree care techniques you are proficient in, as well as any equipment you are skilled at using. Additionally, include any relevant volunteer work or industry memberships.

2. How should I format my arborist resume?

When formatting your arborist resume, make sure to use a clean and professional layout. Use bullet points to list your skills and experiences, and include headers to separate sections such as work experience, education, and certifications. Be sure to use a legible font and keep your resume to one page if possible.

3. Should I include a cover letter with my arborist resume?

It is always a good idea to include a cover letter with your arborist resume. A cover letter allows you to introduce yourself to potential employers and explain why you are a good fit for the position. Use the cover letter to highlight specific experiences or skills that make you a strong candidate for the job.

4. How can I make my arborist resume stand out?

To make your arborist resume stand out, be sure to tailor it to the specific job you are applying for. Highlight any relevant experience or skills that make you a strong candidate for the position. Additionally, consider including any additional certifications or training you have completed that set you apart from other applicants.

5. What are some common mistakes to avoid on an arborist resume?

Some common mistakes to avoid on an arborist resume include spelling and grammatical errors, including irrelevant information, and using a generic template. Be sure to proofread your resume carefully before submitting it, and only include information that is relevant to the job you are applying for. Additionally, avoid using a generic template and instead create a unique and professional layout for your resume.

In conclusion, crafting a standout arborist resume is essential for showcasing your skills and experience in the field. By including a well-written objective, summary, education, skills, experience, certification, awards, and achievements sections, you can effectively highlight your qualifications to potential employers. Utilize our free template to create a professional and impactful resume that will help you land your dream job in arboriculture.

Resume Tips

Choose the Right Format

Select a resume format that best showcases your skills and experience. Common formats include chronological, functional, and combination resumes.

Tailor Your Resume

Customize your resume for each job application by highlighting relevant skills and experiences that match the job description.

Focus on Key Sections

Include essential sections such as contact information, professional summary or objective, work experience, education, skills, and relevant certifications.

Use Clear and Concise Language

Be concise and use action verbs to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities in each job role.

Quantify Achievements

Whenever possible, quantify your achievements with numbers or percentages to demonstrate your impact in previous roles.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Emphasize transferable skills that are relevant to the job you're applying for, such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Prioritize Readability

Ensure your resume is easy to read by using a clean and professional font, adequate white space, and bullet points for listing information.

Proofread Carefully

Avoid spelling and grammar errors by proofreading your resume multiple times or asking a trusted friend or colleague to review it.

Keep it Updated

Regularly update your resume with new experiences, skills, and accomplishments to reflect your most current qualifications.

Seek Feedback

Consider seeking feedback from career advisors, mentors, or professionals in your industry to improve your resume further.

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